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How titanium dioxide coatings make your furniture look great

As the world tries to reduce the amount of resources we consume, increasingly we are reusing old materials that would otherwise be disposed of and wasted. With global deforestation becoming a more and more significant issue, one tool we’re using to protect the planet is the recycling of wood and paper.

Why recycle?

By recycling, we can limit the amount of new wood we need from freshly logged trees. Deforestation, as a result of the growth of farm land and the need for wood in commercial uses, can have very significant global environmental effects. Cutting down trees can lead to soil erosion and desert creep, harming ecosystems. One challenge of using more sustainable wood sources, however, is that it can be very difficult achieve the quality we want our in furniture. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) can help.

The wood we use

Sustainable, recycled wood can have uneven colouring and texture that makes furniture that’s good for the environment look out of place in a living room. Luckily, titanium dioxide has some amazing properties which can be used to give wood the consistency needed for high quality furniture, making the fixtures in your house look great.

The right look

Titanium dioxide’s bright white colour means that, when applied to wood or wood-containing substrates (MDF or chipboard) in a coating, any and all colour-unevenness of the wood substrate is much less visible. This means wood and recycled wood from different sources and even different species of tree can be blended together. The coating can be done by painting, plastic foil or by laminate application on the wooden substrates, all containing TiO2. The plastic and laminate applications also allow for printing (e.g.  wood grains or other graphics) onto white décor paper or white plastic foil and hence gives more creative décor choices to designers. All these make the furniture look more aesthetically appealing and perfect for your living room.

As we move to a more sustainable society we need to better consider the materials we use. Meeting the standards we expect while using recycled materials can be a challenge, but with the right surface treatment, being sustainable does not mean sacrificing quality nor creative and appealing looks.

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