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The Chemical that Helps Fix Up Your House

Doing your own home maintenance isn’t just a way to save money on expensive plumbers, painters and electricians, it’s a hobby enjoyed by many of us who like making our house our castle. Getting the house just so is made possible by the tools we use, and the materials employed.

Fixer Upper

It’s fair to say that for many of us, a home is never truly finished. Much like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, once the end is reached, the process starts over at the beginning. Be it painting the living room or retiling the bathroom, there’s always a project on the back of our mind. In many ways, a home is a reflection of who we are and the styles we like.

Renovation and Reinvention

With that in mind, using the right materials to get the right look is essential. The colours have to be smooth and rich, but also long lasting and resilient to the wear and tear of everyday life. We want wallpaper and tiles to stay fixed to the wall. We also need the mends we make to the plumbing in our homes to stay mended. Did you know titanium dioxide (TiO2) can play a key role in all this?

Special Substance

Titanium dioxide helps keep the colours of the paints you use rich and even. Because it’s very opaque you don’t need much of it, and it’s resilient so it lasts a long time. This all means you save money and energy when you use TiO2 based paints.  It also gives wallpapers their colours, and is integral to many of the adhesives we use to stick them, and our bathroom tiles, to the walls. Finally, it’s used as a white pigment to give sealants a better look, improving the finish on the repairs we make to our house.

All in all, titanium dioxide is the DIY lover’s best friend, playing a key part in many of the jobs we decide to take on ourselves. And, when you  are faced with a problem you can’t solve, or decide to let a professional take something on just the once, you’ll likely find it in the tools and materials they use too!

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