Brilliant White


A superhero that destroys pollution

With cities becoming more numerous and bigger – we actually talk about megacities now – traffic and congestion have become one of the nightmares of modern-day living. And they are not only a painful experience in themselves, they are also damaging to our health and wellbeing.

How to solve this? Some of us take the bike of course, but what if there was a way to make this pollution less harmful? That is what some scientists have been trying to do by creating a paint that cleans the air.

Basically, it acts like a filter: you put polluted air on it, cleaner air comes out of it. If you have ever used an air purifier in your room, you will know exactly what a difference such a type of air purification can do to your comfort and your health.

How does it work? By painting buildings with coatings that include a chemical called titanium dioxide! This special chemical reacts at the contact of light to actively break down pollutants and transform them into new, less harmful elements, like water. In sum: it breaks down the pollutants in the air and makes clean air out of it. That’s probably about as close as you can get to being a superhero if you are a chemical. 

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