Brilliant White


How much do you know about the ingredient that shapes the start of your day?

We all have our morning routines, the way we prepare to start the day fresh faced and ready for whatever life throws at us. But did you know that in many of the products you use, titanium dioxide is used for its brilliant properties?

Brushing your teeth

Titanium dioxide has long been used in toothpastes because of its dazzling white colour, and due to the fact that it is very safe. As it is a natural and stable substance, it works really well with the other ingredients in your toothpaste, leaving your teeth bright and shining!

Applying your make up

Many cosmetics use titanium dioxide due to its colourful properties. However, they also use it because titanium dioxide doesn’t irritate your skin. Instead of getting under the upper layers of your skin and causing irritation, titanium dioxide has the perfect particle size to stay on top and leave you looking great!

Skincare Addiction

Moisturising is the key to a fresh look when you leave the house. Did you know many face creams use titanium dioxide for its incredible ability to protect your skin? Not only does it compliment moisturisers, its ability to reflect UV rays makes it essential if you are out in the sun. These harmful rays can cause serious long-term issues like skin cancer, but titanium dioxide is the key to protecting your skin and your health!

Titanium dioxide has long been used widely in many of the goods that we encounter from dawn to dusk. Our morning routines may be just the start of our day, but the products and cosmetics we use can form the basis not just for a great day, but a happy and healthy life.  

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