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The key to safe medicines

Modern medicines come in many shapes, sizes and, crucially, colours. We all know that a lot of time, effort and resources  goes into developing any new medicines, but did you know that as much thought can go into how they look?

Increasingly important

As Europe’s population gets older and people live longer, more and more of us are using a variety of medicines every day to keep us healthy and well. Medicines have improved the living conditions of millions, if not billions, of people around the world. It’s no surprise then, that nearly half of adults take daily medications in the UK, for example.

Colour is key

However, with people taking a range of medications every day, one key concern for pharmaceutical manufacturers is ensuring that they take them safely and correctly. Mixing up medications can have some unforeseen, and unwanted, consequences, and so it is essential that their tablets are clearly distinguishable, even if they are out of their packaging. One way of doing this is making them different shapes, but a key way of making tablets stand out is making them different colours. To do this, pharmaceutical companies often turn to one ingredient – titanium dioxide.

A healthy distinction

Titanium dioxide is known for its use as a white pigment. However, it is used in a wide range of pharmaceuticals because it can brighten almost any colour, and give an even clear pigmentation. Furthermore, it does not affect how well the other ingredients in pharmaceuticals work, and numerous scientific studies have found it safe for consumption.

All of this makes titanium dioxide uniquely suitable for making sure that you and those around you don’t mix up the tablets that keep you healthy. Furthermore, you’ll also find titanium dioxide in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, where it prevents UV light from interfering with light-sensitive medicines. A true medical marvel!

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