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Making your concert memories last

The lights flash, the first notes burst forth from gigantic speakers flanking a stage that presents a worldwide superstar to thousands of adoring fans – the summer can be all about concerts. But how much do you know about the souvenirs we bring home?

Sound and Vision

Be it a local band in a hot and packed venue or a stadium filled a stunning lights show, live music is a special experience that can affect us far more than listening to recordings in headphones. The presence of the musician, the stage design, the interaction with fans, all of these things bring us closer to the artists we love. After the final encore, the lights go down and the crowd trails out, electrified and excited, each taking home special memories, and, for many, souvenirs like t-shirts.

Change Clothes

A merchandise stand at a concert is often draped with t-shirts, flags, posters and more. Plastered with band logos, tour dates and photos, these mementos can be found stuck to walls with tape in teenagers bedrooms all around the world. They need to be bright, colourful and long lasting - the “old band t-shirt” may be a cliché, but it’s one which exists because the t-shirts last long enough to be old! One chemical helps with all of this, titanium dioxide!

All the colours of the wind

Titanium dioxide is used widely as a colouran[VAMA1] t in[VAMA2]  everything from posters to t-shirts. It’s a white substance - amazingly white. More than just white though, it also brightens and sharpens other colours, meaning that it can be[VAMA3]   used in just about every colour[VAMA4]  you see on t-shirts and posters (apart from black – so you won’t find it as much at metal concerts!).

Because titanium dioxide also is resistant to fading under the sun, your t-shirts and posters will last for years, and with them your memories of amazing concerts!

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