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Giving packaging the perfect look

Modern supermarkets can offer a huge range of choice, with hundreds of brands competing for space and attention on the shelves. How a product looks can have a huge effect on how it sells, from the biggest brands in the world to start ups looking to make their mark.

Boosting attention

One area where this has been especially true is in the world of craft beer. For years consumers stuck mainly to large, recognisable brands. These brands changed little over decades, with small updated here and there. However, in recent years the public has begun to enjoy craft beers, brewed by small companies, more and more. Eager to make their mark, these brewers made the most of their labels with some unorthodox tactics. 

A new look

By making bright, audacious logos and labels, often accompanied with unorthodox names, the brewers were able to stand out from the crowd on shelves. This new tactic meant that they could compete against established brands and are now more popular than ever. All of these labels relied on bright colours, which in turn rely on bright inks. And bright inks rely on one pigment, titanium dioxide.

Brewing success

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a pigment which makes thing white. More than that though, it makes other colours brighter, and more durable when exposed to sunlight. All of this makes it perfect for packaging that wants to stand out. It’s no wonder then that it’s present in almost all of the packaging you see when you walk through the supermarket.

While the quality of a product is of course essential when trying to get repeat customers, it’s getting them to take that first sip that is often the hardest part. By using TiO2 in their packaging, small businesses managed to take on the big brands and, in many cases, succeed in establishing a market where many thought it was impossible. It’s amazing what a pigment can do!!

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